ChicoBag Vita rePETe Reusable Shopping Bag – Product Review

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chicobag vita rePETe bag

Do you have certain items you just have a ‘thing’ for?  I’m a shoe person myself.  Something else I have a thing for is a great reusable bag.  I collect them and love having them on hand for lugging groceries, toting things for the kids on road trips, shopping at the mall, or a zillion other every day uses.  I’ve always got my eyes peeled for a great deal on a  cool reusable bag and I’ve found the absolute best reusable bag to share with you!

I had the opportunity to review the Vita rePETe Reusable Bag from ChicoBag and I just love the bag and I love the company!  Let me tell you all the cool things about this reusable bag:

It’s made out of 99% recycled material.  Not only does this bag keep you from having to use plastic bags, which fill up our landfills and litter our land and oceans, but it is actually made from recycled material.  Check this out:

  • The fabric is 100% recycled (PET – that means plastic bottles!)
  • The cord is 100% recycled (PET)
  • The carabiner is 97% recycled aluminum
  • The cordlock is 100% recycled polyurethane
  • Even the tag that tells you all this info is printed on recycled paper using soy ink.

I call that walking the talk.  Big time. Two thumbs WAY up, ChicoBag!

chicobag folded

They fold up and fit into a tiny, very portable pouch which is attached to the bag itself.  Did I confuse you?  Let me explain, because this is really a favorite feature for me.  The Vita rePETe bag has a small pouch sewn right into the side of it so you can stuff the entire bag into it and close it up with a cord.  No separate little baggie to carry around to keep your reusable bag compact.  It comes with a carabiner, too, making it super portable. I clip my ChicoBag onto my coupon binder bag so I always have it with me when I grocery shop.  It’s not one more thing to remember, which is awesome for me because I’m already on overload most of the time.  Really, how many times have you forgotten your reusable bags in your car?  If you don’t have a coupon binder bag you can easily throw the little bag with the tote flipped inside into your purse or even clip it to your keys if you know you’re headed to the store.

chicobag on binder bag

It’s strong.  Fill ‘er up.  It’s amazing to me how a bag that can squish up into such a tiny ball can also hold so many pounds of groceries.  Our local store had a buy one get one sale on 5lb. bags of potatoes recently and I grabbed the deal and got both bags of potatoes in my ChicoBag.  Yep, 10 pounds of potatoes.  That’s a lot of potatoes in one bag and unlike a plastic or paper grocery bag, I had no fear that this one was going to rip open in the middle of the parking lot.  And I didn’t even get it full!  The Vita rePETe bag can hold up 40 pounds. WOW!  I could conceivably put my son in there and tote him around.  Not that I would, of course. ;)

Vita rePETe reusable bags come in the very coolest colors.  I narrowed it down to a few colors that I wanted to review and my let my daughter pick our bag.  She chose the Atlantic Blue bag and I was even more in love with it when in person that I was online.  Such a cool, deep blue color.  It’s very modern and classy looking.  We’ve got plenty of  reusable bags around here that have a cartoon character on them.  They’re perfect for the kids to pack up a bag for their play dates.  This ChicoBag, on the other hand, is the one I want on *MY* shoulder when I’m shopping.  The colors are classic yet unique.  Just check them out and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

chicobag recycled bottles

ChicoBag has a Zero Waste Program: They’ll recycle your reusable bags.  All of them.  The more time I spend poking around this website the more awesome I think this company is.  You can send them your reusable bags that maybe you just don’t use anymore or have seen better days and they’ll recycle them for you by providing them to low income families to start a reusable bag habit, or by passing them on to crafters or non-profits that can repurpose them.  Now that’s just awesome.  Read about the ChicoBag commitment to the planet here.  Good stuff.

I could carry on and on here  but you get the idea: ChicoBag makes some very cool, very stylin’, very high quality reusable bags.  And they’re a true gem of a green company.   Take a minute and explore all the resources on their website.  They’re more than just a company that sells reusable bags.  There’s that walkin’ the talk again. :) Love that.  Stay up to speed with ChicoBags latest products and promotions and all of their great eco-living info on the ChicoBag Facebook page and the ChicoBag Twitter page.


Now for some good news for all  of us: ChicoBag has offered an exclusive coupon code to Pandora’s Deals’ readers to score 25% off on the ChicoBag site!  Here’s the scoop:

  • Check out all the awesome bags from ChicoBag.
  • At checkout, enter code cbbpandora25 to get 25% off your order (excludes accessories, swag, and sale items)
  • Code is valid through May 16, 2012.

Need more good news?  Thought so.  ChicoBag is generously giving away a Vita rePETe reusable bag to one of my readers!  This giveaway will start on Tuesday April 24 and end at midnight ET on Wednesday May 2.  You can enter to win here.

I was provided with a ChicoBag Vita rePETe reusable bag to facilitate this review.  The opinions in this post are 100% mine.  You can read my full disclosure policy here.



This post may contain affiliate links. View my disclosure policy for details.


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    I like the floral bag… Thanks for having this great giveaway!


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