Free Friday #Nook Book (3/2/12): Moscow Sting by Alex Dryden

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moscow sting

Yay, it’s Friday again! Hope you all had a great week and have something to look forward to this weekend.  It’s time for another Free Friday Nook book.  Today’s pick is Moscow Sting by Alex Dryden.  From Nook: When Finn, a former British spy, is poisoned by a Russian assassin, his ex-boss Adrian, the chief of MI6, wants vengeance. He also wants answers—information that only Finn’s widow knows. But Anna, a former KGB colonel who betrayed her country for love, vanished with her child shortly after Finn’s death.  Looks like a fast paced crime mystery! You can read more about it on the Barnes and Noble Nook Blog, then follow this link to download your free copy of Moscow Sting.

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What are you reading?
I am still reading Little Bee and I’ve had a major breakthrough with this book this week.  I finally reached this point in the book that the first 100 pages or more was leading up to and now I’m really into it.  I have maybe 60 pages left and should finish soon. What are you reading right now?  I’ll need a new book recommendation in the next week or so!

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This post may contain affiliate links. View my disclosure policy for details.

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