Friday’s Pinterest Find (4/6/12): Peeps S’mores

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Happy Friday!  I hope you’ve all had a great week and have something to look forward to this weekend.  It’s Easter weekend and we’ve got all our traditional plans lined up with the kids.  Should be a great weekend! This year I saw this idea floating around on Pinterest and had to give it a go.  So yesterday we visited with some friends and I took over the ingredients, all three of them, needed to make Peeps S’mores.  You can find some great pictures on how to make these yourself on Live, Love, Pasta, a really cool recipes blog.

Couple notes: Kids will be screaming at your feet, “ I want pink!  I want purple!“, and it’s just more trouble than it’s worth to try to hold one of these and take a picture with your phone to send to your poor husband who’s working while you’re stuffing your face with marshmallowy chocolate heaven.  A hunk of melted chocolate is apt to slide out onto the floor, you’ll find out your SD card is full and the eat-your-heart-out picture idea was doomed before you got started, and did I mention those anxious children who want their treats, like NOW?!  Never mind the photos.  You can find those here.  Just get ta eatin’!

So here’s what you do: You pretty much stack these babies up like a regular s’more: graham cracker – chocolate – peep – graham cracker.  Then pop them in the microwave.  13 seconds was the magic number for us.  They are soooo good!  The Peep is a little softer and sugary-er (yup, that’s a word) than a regular marshmallow.  It’s truly delish.  And if you’re a hardcore Peep S’mores eater, do it up double decker style like what you see in the picture.  Mmm…so good.  These are incredibly easy to make and a huge hit with the kids.  Obviously they’re a huge hit with me, too!

So, what fun stuff have you been pinning this week? If you’re on Pinterest come join me!  And sign up for Pinerly, a new Pinterest tool coming soon to help us manage our boards, schedule pins and more.  It looks pretty cool! If you need an invite to get pinning, shoot me an email at pandorasdeals at and I’ll send you an invite so you can get started!

Happy pinning!




This post may contain affiliate links. View my disclosure policy for details.

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